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Working together, Syrians could move mountains. We could make even greater contributions to world civilization, beyond producing the world’s first world-known alphabet and the first musical notation. We could show the world how proud we are of our culture and heritage and values, and how committed we are to building a better nation. SouriaLi is designed with that purpose in mind.

SouriaLi is not a radio, but rather a communication channel connecting Syrians to themselves, and to other peoples and cultures.

We invite you to be part of developing this communication channel with us.  We invite you to help us transform SouriaLi into an educational medium that fosters dialogue and debate involving a broad spectrum of Syrians and voices from around the world.

Whether Syrian or not, you can help make SouriaLi a more effective collaborative medium.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to help or to be a part of SouriaLi Family as a member, a volunteer, or someone who listens occasionally and offers feedback.

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