Lost Origins: Syria in their Eyes

Is it possible for an individual other than yourself to love your country as much as you do? Especially one that is not from your country? For instance how many foreigners have visited or even lived in Syria short or long term, and felt a genuine attachment- as if it’s a 2nd home?

After all our World is our home and we are all connected as human beings no matter how diverse we are.

To know more, listen to our special episode of “World and a Half” with Honey AlSayed, hosting: Jason Hamacher to talk more about his project: Lost Origins.

Jason Hamacher‘s professional efforts are shaped by passion, motivation and vision. He is an internationally recognized musician, photographer, writer, public speaker and massage therapist. His work has taken him across the globe documenting the sights and sounds of culture, music, people and food.

Lost Origin Productions explores the past to change the future. Jason Hamacher is the founder and director of this Washington D.C. based multimedia production company. Fueled by a quest to understand the human condition paired with expertise in cultural preservation, Lost Origin Productions explores ancient civilizations to discover unique stories from the past and present to inspire and unite our turbulent world.

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